Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas Mountbatten, commonly known as Lord Mountbatten, was a British admiral, statesman and the 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma. He was the youngest child of Prince Louis of Battenberg and Princess Victoria of Hesse and His royal ancestry can be dated back to the Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. Before moving to India he served as the 'First Sea Lord' from 1954 till 1959 where he was known for his adventurous and daring acts.

While in India, he earned appreciation for his efforts and contribution towards Indian Independence which was one of the many achievements credited to him including the recapturing of Burma from Japanese troops during his days as a Supreme Allied commander of South Asia. He was the last viceroy of the British Indian Empire and became the first Governor-General of Independent India in 1947. Mountbatten was assassinated on 27 August 1979 by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA).

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